The macronie relies on Fesneau for the regional ones in the Center-Val de Loire

The government has lost count of the number of regional candidates, but Marc Fesneau belongs to a restricted category: that of ministers who have a chance to win on June 27. At 50, Minister Modem for Relations with Parliament is running for the head of the Center – Val de Loire region. Its campaign posters do not feature a logo. Just the mention “supported by the presidential majority”. The slogan is catch-all: “Together the best is yet to come.” “

While tenors nationalize the debate, like Éric Dupond-Moretti in Hauts-de-France, the native of Loir-et-Cher and former mayor of the village of Marchenoir, opts for the local card: in his program, it offers a regional sovereign fund and the reimbursement of half of the meal of a second guest, this summer, in restaurants. A gesture to support this profession. Hardly divisive …

“I assume my double hat, he confides. It is a regional campaign against a background of national elements. That’s why I built my list by looking for profiles more than labels ”. He enlisted the gastronomic critic Périco Légasse, on the list of Indre-et-Loire. In the polls, the minister is given in front of the outgoing president, the socialist François Bonneau, in office for thirteen years. A situation which does not prevent the person concerned from sleeping. “In 2010, the polls gave me already beaten. And in 2015, I was supposed to be left behind, relativizes the candidate for re-election ”. Which adds: “I have no other mandate. I devote all my time to it. I do not take the region for a minister’s playground at the end of the year. “. To the best of my mind …

“The situation is very open, analyzes an experienced observer. It is a region without cultural unity, with six very different departments and two cities (Orleans and Tours) which will weigh in the result. Bonneau is hard-working and appreciated in economic circles. But without much aura. As for the RN, it is well established and will be very high. It is in Eure-et-Loir that the National Front experienced its first victories in the 1980s. The torch is precisely taken up by the departmental delegate of the National Rally, Aleksandar Nikolic. He is propelled to 34 years head of the regional list.

The right trumpets that it will not ally with Marc Fesneau

The young man may be inexperienced, he believes in his chances – in case of quadrangular, he could also win, according to a recent survey of Ipsos-SopraSteria for France Bleu. “I’ve been in politics for ten years,” he reacts to criticism. I prefer to be accused of lack of experience than to have the record of the leavers. “On board a bus where his image dominates that of Marine Le Pen, he walks the roads, with a program focused on the fight against insecurity with” brigades “in stations, the end of white zones in telephony and the creation of an amusement park called “Leonardo da Vinci” in the Loiret, around the theme of inventions.

To beat the RN, the other campaign teams will have to heat the laptops on the evening of June 20, in order to constitute the jump-off lists. Not easy on the left: the ecologists of EELV have made an alliance with rebellious France, little inclined to work with the PS. Not easy, either, on the right where the LR list led by the former Secretary of State for Agriculture of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Nicolas Forissier, trumpets that it will not ally with Marc Fesneau, after the imbroglio in Paca. “We trace our route,” said elected LR. My lists are built for both rounds. I am not in a logic of confusion. “. In the land of the Loire castles, the halberds are out.

Key figures in Center – Loire Valley

  • Number of departments: 6
  • Number of inhabitants: 2 565 258
  • Unemployment rate : 7.1% of the labor force in the 4th quarter. 2020
  • GDP per capita (in 2018): 29 002 euros
  • Abstention in 2015 in the 1st round: 50,5 %
  • Abstention in 2015 in the 2nd round: 40,8 %

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