The Mankading Controversy in IPL: A Detailed Look at Rule and Practice

2023-05-24 11:10:19

Chennai: There have been cases of mankading in the IPL that have created huge controversy. In the 2019 season, there was a big controversy when Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Jos Buttler through mankading. There was strong criticism that Ashwin’s action was inappropriate for the justice of cricket. However, the rule of running out a non-strike batter who leaves the crease before the bowler has been caught has been in cricket for decades. In the first qualifier of the 16th season, there was a mankading attempt in the match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings.

CSK pacer Deepak Chahar tried to run out Titans’ impact player Vijay Shankar on a non-trike. When he came to bowl, Shankar seemed to have left the crease and Chahar was trying to run him out. But Vijay Shankar’s bat was barely inches inside the crease. This time CSK captain and wicket keeper MS Dhoni’s reaction went viral. Dhoni laughed at Chahar’s effort. The funny footage of Dhoni shaking his head has gone viral on social media. There are fans who ask if Dhoni did not like Chahar’s move. The fact is that even Chahar couldn’t stop laughing when the Mankading attempt turned around in vain.

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Mankading was first discussed in public when Indian legend Vinoo Mankad ran out Aussie wicketkeeper batsman Bill Brown, who had left the crease before the ball was released. This incident was in 1948. Bown’s dismissal was described by the Australian media as mankading. Mankading is a method of dismissal that has started huge controversies and discussions in cricket. Last year, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) changed the rule allowing the dismissal of a non-striker from the category of unfair moves on the field to the list of run-out rules.

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