The Meilandjes still sell their castle (but let the price …

End of an agony for the Meiland family. After a long search, the Dutch reality family has found a buyer for their castle in France. Although they had to drop their price considerably for this.

Since the summer of last year, Chateau Marillaux, the French castle of Martien Meiland, has already been for sale. The eccentric interior design / TV maker and his family decided after the first seasons of Chateau Meiland to move back to the Netherlands. Sales did not go smoothly. After more than six months in the shop window, the Meilandjes lowered their asking price from 1.25 million euros to 998,000 euros. Someone has now taken advantage of that reduced price.

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“We have sold the castle subject to change,” Martien’s wife Erica said on Dutch television. “The buyer, also Dutch, is a very nice man. We are going back to France with our family to say goodbye to the castle. ”

In the new series of Chateau Meiland will soon be shown how the family goes house hunting in the Netherlands. In the meantime it is clear that Martien, Erica and daughter Maxime are planning to move back to their home village of Noordwijk. No signature has yet been placed there.

Martien Meiland and co. are finally back in the Netherlands and show their spacious country house


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