The minister goes on stage to show strength in the armed forces

2023-06-10 03:30:42

Sergio Massa today will step on the Arenas stadium in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas to close the congress of his force, the Renewal Front, with the intention of lowering the decibels that appear about his future, fueled by leaders of his space, and ratify two axes: his in tune with Kirchnerism and the need to concentrate energy on management.

The Minister of Economy is aware of everything that generated the possibility of leaving his post and he needs to anchor the expectations that were aroused as a result of the words of a person close to him, the national deputy Cecilia Moreau. The legislator said that the official “is fed up” with the crossings and electoral discussions that take place every day.

With this backdrop, the Tigrense is determined not to give clues about his next electoral steps. He does not intend to mention the chance of his own nomination, although he believes that in the coalition there can be no STEP to define candidates, a race in which Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, Daniel Scioli, Agustín Ro-ssi and Juan Grabois are registered. . From his environment they reflect that the internal complicates Together for Change and it would be “a strategic error” for the ruling party to follow the same path, especially under the current economic context.

On this level, Massa will show his harmony with Kirchnerism, claiming the need to advance in an agreement between all the actors of the coalition to establish a program in the economy, something that Cristina Kirchner was in charge of highlighting in her last appearances. In fact, on her side they mention that the leader of the Treasury tries to move between understandings with all the sectors with which he comes across, from the countryside to the companies, achieving “results”. He wants to show a consensus that today does not translate into support for her candidacy.

Also, close to the former mayor, they highlight that his party, 10 years after its foundation, is “orderly and neat”, with representation in all provinces. However, it is also true that after the electoral coup that it achieved in 2013, by defeating the Front for Victory in the province of Buenos Aires, the space tried to escape the crack and could not, with results that deflated over time. weather. In the 2015 presidential elections, Massa finished third with 21%, behind Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macri.

In 2017, he forged a pact with Margarita Stolbizer to form the 1País alliance, with a meager electoral performance: he ran to be a national senator for the province of Buenos Aires and barely exceeded double digits. In 2019, he decided to talk again with Kirchnerism to prove electoral success.

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