The month of July 2022 seen by Twitter: Dembouz imitates Stephen Curry

Being an NBA player means first and foremost knowing how to play a minimum of basketball, but it also means being scrutinized by all the fans on his every move. In the current League, this now goes through social networks, including Twitter in large part.

If some adopt a sober and refined communication, some decide to literally hit the wallets and constantly panic the twittosphere, for our greatest happiness. A look back at the various tweets that marked this month of July.

NB: it is possible that certain translations are not taken literally in French word for word, but that they are adapted in order to be more easily understood without modifying the meaning.

# Even after 25 transfers in 2 days, Patrick Beverley still has confidence in himself.

“Business again, thank you Wolves. It’s time to bring another team to the Playoffs. »

# The traffic of two wheels in Paris makes our national Evan Fournier chafouin.

# Tyrese Haliburton has finally come across himself on the Poeltl game.

” Finally ! »

# Nicolas Batum wonders about the sobriety of the people who created the nursery rhymes.

# We too Joe, even in the middle of a heat wave.

# Evan Fournier realizes the obvious.

# This Channing Frye is therefore very observant.

“I can see your nipples.

# The law of the jungle also applies to street basketball according to Kevin Durant.

“Kevin Durant is probably the kind of guy who runs away with his ball when he loses. »
“I never came to a field with my ball, but I left with that of others. »

# Even in football, Stephen Curry’s “night” celebration rages on. It was Ousmane Dembélé who used it recently.

“A new movement. »

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