the best looks from the C. Tangana concert in Marbella

Marbella is on fire! And it is that there are many familiar faces who do not want to miss the festival Starlite, a musical event held every summer. Last night I performed C. Tangana and the concert was a real success. Who were among the most VIP guests? carmen lomana, Paula Echevarria, Alba Diaz, Anne Igartiburu and… the most awaited: Victoria Federica. the daughter of the Infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar Nor did he want to miss such a special appointment. After see her enjoying in the crystal clear waters of Ibiza With her friends, the young woman headed south to give it her all dancing and singing the songs of the rapper from Madrid. And the truth is that, once again, she surprised us again with her look.

Victoria Federica goes to a concert with a very informal style

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada affirmed last Friday in the ‘Deluxe‘ that Victoria Federica could not be more ideal and elegant. But the truth is that although on many occasions she conquers us with her most refined outfits, on others she deeply disappoints us. And this time, she rather she has let us down again. The granddaughter of King Juan Carlos He chose a long-sleeved denim shirt for the evening that was not very flattering. We do not know if perhaps it was because she decided to wear it unbuttoned to show off her abdomen, but in practice, this garment does not convince us. Vic, as he likes to be affectionately called by his friends, completed his outfit with loose white trousers in the most informal way. But beware, because in addition to Victoria Federica’s, there were other concert looks that did not go unnoticed either, some worthy of praise and others to forget. Do you want to see all our celebrities now? Keep going down!

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