The most luxurious Korean crossover was brought to Russia

2024-02-22 03:14:15

The GV80 has been included in the Genesis line (part of Hyundai) since 2020. In 2023, it underwent a planned modernization, during which it acquired a new design, equipment and a coupe version. All this time, the car is considered the most luxurious Korean crossover.

Previously, it was officially sold in Russia, but today the GV80 is supplied by parallel importers. The day before it turned out that another batch of such machines had arrived to us. Moreover, this may be their last delivery before a significant rise in price.

According to Daily-Motor.Ru, Russian “gray” dealers have begun selling 2024 Genesis GV80 crossovers. The cars are new and brought to us directly from South Korea.

These are cars with classic and coupe-shaped bodies, equipped with both 2.5 and 3.5-liter gasoline engines with 304 and 379 horsepower, respectively, and 3-liter diesel engines with 249 hp. They are assisted by an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Prices for the most luxurious Korean crossover in Russia today start from 6 million 500 thousand rubles and reach 10 million 500 thousand rubles, but in the coming months they will almost certainly become even higher. And that’s why.

As of February 24 of this year, South Korea will impose a ban on the export to the Russian Federation of cars with engines whose volume exceeds the 1.9-liter mark. Of course, the import of large “Koreans” into our market will not stop (this will be done through third countries), but such cars will seriously rise in price.

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