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From the outset, Eurofans and participants were up in arms as they felt it should have been disqualified due to the war in Gaza. However, this did not happen and now the organizers are especially worried about terrorist attacks.

At the same time, the representative Eden Golan revealed the threatening messages she receives. “The EBU acknowledges the strong emotions caused by this year’s Eurovision contest and the strong controversy that Israel’s participation has provoked.

We would like to clarify that any decision taken on the participation of countries in the event concerns the decision-makers of the EBU and not the artists themselves. We are against any form of abuse or harassment of participants, online or offline, and are committed to promoting a safe, respectful and inclusive environment. We support constructive dialogue and the support of artists, underlining the mission of the Competition which is union through music,” the EBU statement reads.

Eurovision – Israel’s song has changed

After the strong reactions caused by the lyrics of the first song that would represent Israel, the track was changed and the new title is Hurricane.

The first song titled, October Rain, caused controversy and a threat to disqualify Israel from the Malmö contest, as the lyrics were thought to refer to the October 7 attacks by Hamas. The song Hurricane, according to Israeli television, describes the story of a young woman who experiences a personal crisis.

What position do the bets show Israel?

Israel, at the moment, is in the top ten, specifically in ninth place. Switzerland, Croatia and Italy currently make up the trio.

Ukraine, the Netherlands, France follow while Greece with Marina Satti is in seventh place.

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