The multidisciplinary approach to health: a different way of treating the patient

Sunday, August 7, 2022


This new approach to health integrates the patient contemplating their body, mind and soul, and understands that the appearance of any disease arises from an imbalance in any of these issues. So to treat the patient’s pathology, whatever it may be, he does it from different areas simultaneously. This paradigm of medical care includes practices that were not traditionally part of conventional medicine, but due to their undeniable results, they are considered today.

To start any treatment, you start by looking for “the cause of the ailment”. To reach the diagnosis, the medical phase is studied, but the mental, psychological and nutritional aspects of the person are also investigated and treated. To include these edges, workshops are incorporated that include reading, art-therapy and nutrition, among others.

“Through a complete blood test, the initial profile of the patient is defined with which the hormonal and metabolic field is known, and work is done starting from there. With the result of the laboratory study, it is already known what vitamin deficiency, hormonal alterations or presence of metals are in the blood”, explained Dr. Maria Vilma Burgos, Endocrinologist at the Curarte Comprehensive Health Center. “Every illness is a consequence of something,” she added. Therefore, once the clinical situation of the person to be treated is known, the treatment is complemented with changes in diet and different workshops that address the patient as a “whole”, taking into account their “individuality”, since according to says Burgos, “we are all different and we need a particular approach”.

He went on to explain that, for example, a patient with diabetes should be told that they need to lower glucose. Subsequently, a medication is indicated, but the treatment does not end there. “We emphasize the need to change the habits necessary to eradicate the problem. He, in turn, insisted that sleeping well, being physically active and improving your diet are as important as medication”.

“Healthy Cupboards”

In order to comply with this comprehensive treatment, the quality of the food that the patient eats must be considered above all. For Burgos, there are foods that cannot be missing in the kitchen and that must always be present when cooking.
Malnutrition is due in many cases to lack of knowledge. Turmeric and Cinnamon, for example, are “superfoods” that contain many properties that very few people include in their diet.

Reading as part of treatment

“Pisconeuroimmunoendoendocrinology teaches how to manage emotions in order to achieve better health results. All pathologies require working on self-destructive emotions such as anger or sadness.
“Reading brings knowledge, and knowledge is power.” Then reading becomes a fundamental tool for treatment.

Writing what you feel also helps to download and this helps with the process of physical improvement.

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