The museum at Masjidunnabavi offers awe-inspiring sights to the visitors

Medina | The museum in the Prophet’s city of Madinah offers awe-inspiring sights to the visitors. Architecture Museum is a historical heritage. The valuable possessions and rare artefacts kept in the museum give visitors a unique experience.

The museum exhibits the history that witnessed the development of Masjid Dunna Bavi since its construction. The beauty and designs of Islamic architecture and magnificent city decorations from the period of the Caliphs of Islam to the prosperous Saudi era give visitors a unique experience. The exhibition of architecture at Masjid Dunnabawi is maintained under the supervision of Iruharam Affairs in collaboration with the Research and Studies Center of Madinah.

Visitors are introduced to the pulpit, mihrab, domes, canopies, doors, minarets, beacons, squares and many other features of Masjid Dunna Bavi. The History of Islam through Ancient Eras exhibit brings pilgrims back to ancient times. The museum is located on the south side of the Masjid Dunnabawi on an area of ​​2,200 square meters; The museum has guides in languages ​​like Arabic, Urdu, English and audio translation in 12 languages ​​through modern technologies to welcome and introduce visitors.

A maximum of 30 visitors are allowed at a time. The maximum time that can be spent in the museum is 40 minutes. Working in two shifts daily. Visitors are received from 7 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 10 PM.

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