“The Mysterious Perfection of Earth: Why Our Planet is Uniquely Designed for Life”

2023-05-18 15:44:56

[Voice of Hope May 18, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao)

Compared with other planets that are barren or surrounded by meteorites, the earth is too perfect. This kind of perfection has always puzzled astronomers, and it also makes people wonder what kind of coincidence makes it as perfect as the solar system. What about the galaxy? From the perspective of life formation, whether it is the moderate distance from the sun, or Jupiter and the moon, which are surrounded like guards to protect them from meteorite impacts, as long as there is a slight error in the process, life will not appear. Seen from these dimensions, the perfection of the earth is almost flawless, as if everything is under the arrangement of a mysterious hand. Edmund Halley, a British astronomer and discoverer of Halley’s Comet, once said: “The solar system did not form naturally, but was artificially designed.”

Solar system (Image: pixabay)

For the life born on the earth, both the ecological environment and the structure of the planet seem to be designed by nature for creatures like us. One of the conditions for the birth of life is water, but with water, will life necessarily germinate? it’s not true. Scientists have discovered through research that water is actually not uncommon in the universe. For example, comets that we are familiar with, water is one of their components. It’s just that due to the cold climate in the universe, most of the water exists in the form of ice, and life is difficult to conceive. The earth is just in the zone where it is separated from the sun, and water exists in a liquid state, which is one of the basic conditions for the birth of life. Scientists also divide the area where water can exist in liquid form as the habitable zone.

Habitable zone
Habitable zone (network diagram image)

Through detection, it is found that the entire orbit of the earth is exactly in the habitable zone of the solar system. If it is a little closer, it may become a “hell” like Venus, and if it is a little farther, it may become Mars. And this is just one of the special features of the earth. In addition, scientists have successively summed up more than 20 necessary conditions for the existence of life, and these conditions just explain the particularity of the planet Earth. For example, the orbit around the star must be as circular as possible. If it is too elliptical, it may return to the planet too close or too far away from the star, which is extremely unfavorable for the stable development of life. The mass of the planet must be within a reasonable range and have a certain magnetic field. Excessive mass is similar to Jupiter and Jupiter, and any life on the planet may be directly crushed into a pulp.

However, if the mass is too small and the magnetic field is not strong, such as the moon and Mars, it is difficult to lock the atmosphere, and a large amount of water escapes into the universe under the blowing of the solar wind. On the other hand, the surrounding solar system is also full of mysteries. The solar system is located in the Orion spiral arm of the Milky Way, about 1/2 radius away from the center of the Milky Way. The four major spiral arms of the Milky Way are densely populated with planets, and the gamma rays released, star collisions Frequent, supernova explosions, black hole groups, etc., have a devastating blow to life. The solar system, which is far away from the stars, has a relatively stable structure and environment, which lays the foundation for the emergence of life. At the same time, the structure of the solar system seems to be tailor-made for life. There are a large number of stars in the universe, but most of them appear in the form of double stars or multiple stars.

The solar system is an extremely rare single-star system, with simpler motion and a more stable environment, which is suitable for the existence and development of life. There are so many coincidences that many scientists think that the solar system and the earth seem to be carefully set up for the birth of life. The great scientist Newton believed that “God” is the first driving force of the universe. And Einstein also believed that the law of the universe is the masterpiece of “God”. And Tesla, who invented “electricity”, once said, “I can split the earth.” He has many magical prophecies, such as: smart phones, flying vehicles similar to flying saucers, and he is considered to be sent to the earth by a higher civilization to contribute to mankind. here. Although there are still many phenomena in the universe that cannot be explained by science, I believe that when human civilization develops to a higher level, all problems will be solved.

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