The mystery of Bananier’s green water: When ignorance generates fear and hysteria on social networks

For two days, the image has been around Guadeloupe in a few clicks. It shows a surprising green-colored tide entering land on the shore of Bananier in Capesterre Belle-Eau. It was enough to free the floor on social networks and suspect new pollution to denounce. To the chagrin of the fishermen of the site, very surprised by all these reactions

updated on July 4, 2022 at 5:35 p.m.

It has caused a lot of ink and words to flow since it became the new attraction of Internet users. Water as green as it is fluorescent and mysterious. It was enough for everyone to stop nearby to photograph and film before posting on social networks.

A commotion which then takes place in front of the users of the site, sailors-fishermen who themselves do not express any concern about this water, and for good reason: warned beforehand of the operation, they all had it explained to them the ins and outs.


But what surprises them the most is that all those who came to photograph these green waters never tried to find out what was going on and never asked them anything.


In reality, it is for the study carried out prior to the widening of the Bananier bridge that this operation is organised.
A study of currentology which requires the use of a harmless marker, fluorescein. It will indicate to the technician the influence of the currents in the area, which is important to know before starting the construction of the Bananier bridge.

And to silence any controversy about it, the Guadeloupe Region made it clear on Monday that:

Fluorescein dispersion makes it possible to check in particular whether the turbid plume will impact the sensitive underwater species (corals and seagrasses) identified on the coast. A second dispersal campaign will be carried out on site in July to assess dispersal in the wet season. These studies will also be very useful for studying the reasons for the silting up at the level of the fishing port. As a reminder, fluorescein is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly coloring substance. The product is non-toxic and poses no risk to human health. This tracer is commonly used to map river waters but also in drinking water networks. It has a strong response to natural light as well as UV. This dark red powder liner has the particularity of being neon yellow-green when mixed with water.

Guadeloupe region

a bridge that can only be widened after having appreciated the circulation of currents

©J-M. Mavounzy

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