The new anti-cheating trick “Defense Shield” in “Decisive Moment” turns the normal players in front of the plug-in into a plug-in, fighting magic with magic | 4Gamers

When it comes to shooting games, you will think of cheating, and developers on the market are all troubled by this, but Activision launched a kernel-level anti-cheat for “Call of Duty: Warzone” (Call of Duty: Warzone) The system “RICOCHET” seems to have a new way of hanging backdefensive shieldand has recently received results in overseas communities that have sparked discussions.

Just last weekend, Activision announced RICOCHET Anti-Cheat System Progress Report for Season 2mentioning that they are testing a“Defense Shield”The new measure of : When the system detects a cheating player in the match, it will automatically prohibit the player from dealing critical damage to other players.

In addition to suspensions, #TeamRICOCHET also uses several in-game mitigations to reduce the impact of cheating players on normal players.For example, we are testing one of the“Defense Shield”new measures. When the system detects a cheating player in the match, it will automatically prohibit the player from dealing critical damage to other players. This measure gives regular players the opportunity to kill cheaters and allows #TeamRICOCHET to collect more data on cheaters.

We’ll track these to make sure the game doesn’t mistakenly apply a “defensive shield” to a match. We must reiterate that we do not interfere with the battle between ordinary players. We have enabled Defense Shield on our global servers.

This is just one of the measures currently enabled and we are developing more. We’ve seen a drop in the number of cheating matches since the new mitigation measures were introduced over the past few weeks, but we must not stop there.

If you come across a cheating player, please use the game’s tools to report the player. This information will be very useful for #TeamRICOCHET. We will also regularly introduce new mitigation measures. You may see a video of the new measures, but we won’t explode.

Although the word crit damage sounds vague, according to the experience of overseas live broadcasters, it feels very good, because the “defense shield” makes the external damage almost null, you can find in the TimTheTatman video, when he and DrDisRespect in the game When attacked by a plug-in, his armor and life were not damaged.

In other words, the external magic gun suddenly turned into a BB gun.

Activision emphasized that this is only one of the currently enabled measures. In fact, according to the NYSL Mavriq live broadcaster, the RICOCHET system not only detects the cheater and eliminates his magic, but also gives the player the ability to be invisible, making the cheating player’s sight see. less than normal players.

Most of the common Aimbot plug-ins have an automatic lock function or bullets can pass through the wall. However, under the action of the anti-cheating program of the “defense shield”, the normal players in the eyes of the plug-in players seem to be hanging up, and their positions are completely reversed. Players are delighted.

Of course, the Activision team did not disclose the details of RICOCHET’s anti-cheat measures. Since the initial need for players to install a kernel-level anti-cheat system on the PC caused a topic, the follow-up anti-cheat actions of the RICOCHET system can be said to be quite innovative. As for the actual effect figures And whether it will affect the game experience of other normal players starting to pursue the hunting plug-in is another topic.

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