The new GAC GS8 will reach Russia, but not this year

“Our main task is to bring the second generation GS8 to the market, but so far there is no exact information on the timing,” the publication quotes a representative of the Russian office of the GAC. The interlocutor of Chinese Automobiles specified that there are no plans for launching new models in Russia, including the GS8, in 2022. “This year we intend to keep the existing model range without critical changes, namely, to keep all three models with existing trim levels on sale,” the company explained.

As for the GS8, in China its full name is Trumpchi GS8. With the change of generation, the model began to resemble the Cadillac XT4, with which it has a similar design of the front optics, and the taillights, on the contrary, retained their former shape. Other notable changes from the first generation model include the location of the exterior mirrors, which are now mounted on the doors. The novelty can be with a five-, six- and seven-seater saloon (so far only the latter is available for purchase in China).

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