the new generation soon at the controls?

A change of government at the head of the Barrière group seems to be taking shape, even if the Barrière group still declares have no comment to make. And adds, emphasizing: “Nothing is done”.

In concrete terms, as announced last December by the website “The Informed“, Alexandre Barrière, 35, should however succeed his father, Dominique Desseigne, as president in early April 2023.

A board of directors scheduled for January 20, 2023 could ratify this change, the details of which are still being finalized, in particular the place that will be reserved for Joy, Alexander’s sister, in the new governance.

It should also be noted that the operational management of the group would no longer be in the family bosom in the future. Grégory Rabuel, the former CEO of SFR, having been recruited by Barrière, it is he who will take over the management of the group in April.

This happy outcome would therefore follow several years of tension between Dominique Desseigne, the father, and Alexandre Barrière, the son. Tensions over the strategy to follow had indeed arisen between them in the spring of 2020 when, following the health restrictions imposed by the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the Barrière group suffered from the administrative closures of its casinos and the stoppage of tourism. . In addition, Dominique Desseigne was reputed not to want to let go of the controls for 85 years!

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