The NFL 2.0 Preview – Week 11, piracy in Florida, Baltimore for a rematch

After the Seahawks’ victory over the Cardinals on Thursday night, NFL Week 11 continues its course this Sunday. Between a revenge of the last playoffs, one of the most solid defenses in the league under fire and the tenure of a Swiss Army knife, presentation of posters that will punctuate this new week of football.

Poster of the week

Los Angeles Rams [6-3] @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers [7-3] : Night from Monday to Tuesday, 2:15 a.m.

New poster in the upper echelons of the National Conference. Between two top-of-the-table franchises which only find themselves in second place in their respective divisions before kick-off, the game promises to be intense. Especially since Los Angeles and Tampa Bay remain on similar forms: only two defeats since the beginning of October. If these two franchises remain on a victory which caught up with a disillusion (@Dolphins for the Rams, vs Saints for the Bucs), they will have except victory to remain well placed in a very homogeneous conference at the top of the standings.

If this meeting is enticing, it will be above all a duel between two excellent defenses. On the one hand, Tampa Bay has impressed since the start of the season. Solid against the pass, which should put Jared Goff in difficulty, the Floridians are even more so against the race where they are ranked first in the league. The control of the game on the ground will be an important factor to make doubt Goff, he who is far from being the most reassuring quarterback this season as evidenced by the said loss to Miami.

On the other hand, even if the defense against the run is also formidable, it is the one against the pass that crystallizes all the attention. Los Angeles is one of the franchises which cash the fewest yards in the air and can perfectly contain the opposing receivers, like the game against Seattle where DK Metcalf was completely extinguished. Mike Evans & Co. are warned, the battle promises to be intense. Note also that Rams and Bucs cash very few yards, and the match should therefore be played on details. We will also watch Aaron Donald, always terrifying on the California defensive line and who could give Tom Brady some nightmares.

The choice of the Rédac ‘

Tennessee Titans [6-3] @ Baltimore Ravens [6-3] : Sunday, 7:00 p.m.

Like a smell of revenge from the Baltimore side this week with the reception of the Titans. If the two franchises had met in the playoffs last year, the Ravens have a bitter taste in them, who had been eliminated when they had the MVP in their rank and they were announced among the favorites in the title. Tennessee had surprised and will want to put the cover back, even if this time Mike Vrabel’s players will be expected.

To repeat this performance, the recipe is already found for Tennessee: hinder the racing game and quickly gain the advantage in score. An effective formula last year, and which is still so this season. Indeed, Lamar Jackson hardly ever wins when he finds himself in difficulty very early in the match and then has the unfortunate tendency to make mistakes. If the defense of the Titans is not the most famous, it knows how to be opportunistic, especially on interceptions (9 INT).

For Baltimore, one of the keys to the meeting will be not to let Tennessee develop its attack and thus not get caught up in a shutout. The task promises to be difficult for the Ravens, even if it is not impossible. To thwart the plans of the visitors, it will absolutely be necessary to stop Derrick Henry. The bulldozer is the keystone of the attack, and without it Ryan Tannehill will have to work harder to keep the squad effective. Baltimore could also use its strength to induce fumbles, an art where defense excels (10 provoked fumbles) even though Tennessee is one of the safest franchises with the ball in hand (only 4 giveaways).

The team to follow: Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers [7-2] @ Indianapolis Colts [6-3] : Sunday, 10:25 p.m.

A franchise often forgotten when talking about the competitors in the American Conference, Indianapolis is no less formidable. With one of the best defenses in the league, the Colts will go through the fire this week with the Packers receiving the Lucas Oil Stadium. Green Bay is coming off an easy win over Jacksonville and will be a real test for the locals, but a victory over Aaron Rodgers and his teammates would allow Frank Reich’s men to legitimize themselves a little more among the contenders in AFC.

The player to watch: Taysom Hill

Atlanta Falcons [3-6] @ New Orleans Saints [7-2] : Sunday, 7:00 p.m.

Drew Brees blessé, Sean Payton had no choice but to place Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill as quarterback. And, surprise, it is the second city that won the bet! Used as a Swiss Army knife by his coach in different positions, he will have the opportunity to prove his worth in a (theoretically) more conventional role. If his qualities as a pitcher are still doubtful, this suggests an original game plan concocted by the coach of New Orleans. Case to be continued.

The rest of the matches

This week the 49ers [4-6], the Bears [5-5], the Bills [7-3] and the Giants [3-7] are at rest.

Redzone, 1time Party: Sunday 7 p.m.

Detroit Lions [4-5] @ Carolina Panthers [3-7]
Philadelphia Eagles [3-5-1] @ Cleveland Browns [6-3]

After beating Washington last week on the wire, Detroit has moved to North Carolina to face the struggling Panthers. Matt Rhule’s men remain in effect on five consecutive defeats, and still will not be able to count on a Christian McCaffrey again injured. Opposing dynamics between a franchise that finds a smile and another that sinks. For their part, the Browns will receive the Eagles and will have the opportunity to get a little closer to a hypothetical place in the playoffs. If Philadelphia should suffer on the ground (26e defense against 3e attack), Doug Pederson’s players could take advantage of Cleveland’s irregular form to consolidate their first place in NFC East.

New England Patriots [4-5] @ Houston Texans [2-7]
Pittsburgh Steelers [9-0] @ Jacksonville Jaguars [1-8]
Cincinnati Bengals [2-6-1] @ Washington Football Team [2-7]

Surprising winners against the Ravens in the last Monday Night Football, the Patriots will seek to chain a third victory against the Texans. Houston is overdue against the run (32e ground defense) and could have a long evening facing the league’s second-most efficient running game. Pittsburgh will move for its part to Jacksonville and will have every chance to cross the bar of ten victories, while the Bengals of Joe Burrow will pass a test against Washington, franchise which collects the fewest yards in the air this season.

Redzone, 2e Game: Sunday, 10:05 p.m. / 10:25 p.m.

Miami Dolphins [6-3] @ Denver Broncos [3-6]
New York Jets [0-9] @ Los Angeles Chargers [2-7]
Dallas Cowboys [2-7] @ Minnesota Vikings [4-5]

More than ever in the race for the playoffs, the Dolphins will have the opportunity to confirm their status against the Broncos in lack of confidence. Drew Lock has suffered in recent weeks and won’t have it easy against a solid Miami defense that could help the Florida franchise secure a sixth straight win. For their part, the Chargers, defeated by Miami last week, will try to grab a victory against the Jets still looking for a first success this season. Finally, Minnesota will try to continue its redemption with the reception of the Cowboys. Dalvin Cook is on fire and could amass the yards against the second-worst running defense in the entire NFL.

Sunday Night Football

Kansas City Chiefs [8-1] @ Las Vegas Raiders [6-3]

Duel of AFC West division during the Sunday Night Football, with an air of revenge that will surely run through the ranks of the Chiefs. Chasing behind the Steelers at the head of the American Conference, Kansas City will want to wash away the affront suffered in the fifth week when the defending champion lost to the same Raiders. Las Vegas had then found the key to stop the machine and will hope to repeat the feat, this time at home. A difficult task but not impossible for Jon Gruden’s players, they who are on a good dynamic with a month of November so far perfect.

Appointment at 7:00 p.m. for the start of the Redzone which, like every week, will open an evening of football that promises to be filled with emotion and spectacle.

Photo Credits in One: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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