The Novela de Jaguares against Dimayor, now they are waiting for tickets to play in Medellín against Nacional

The Novela de Jaguares against Dimayor, due to the postponed match against Atlético Nacional, added a new chapter.

Those from Montería, in a new and harsh letter, ask Dimayor to continue with the programming as planned and send the tickets for the trip.

In the new letter, Nelson Soto, president of the club, insisted that president Fernando Jaramillo has it in for the team. “I don’t understand why you continue to look for a way to harm Jaguares FC.”

According to Soto, “it is not the first time, remember when he made me repeat 5 away games at altitude to make me go down” when I had already played them.”

After reviewing the data, it has not been possible to remember when Jaguares was made to repeat “five games.”

The Jaguares novel will continue

The president of Jaguares added that the president, to whom the letter is addressed, “continues to violate what was said in the assembly.

“No matches will be postponed unless the two teams involved agree and there is a date available so that Dimayor can reschedule it.” Case that did not occur, said the Jaguares.

Nelson Soto demanded, again, “that what was initially agreed upon be ratified and that the match with Nacional that corresponds to date 8 of the Betplay Dimayor 1 2024 League takes place as is correct, this Thursday, February 22 in the city of Medellín” .

Among other things, the leader, standing at the line where they are going to play the game, reminded Dimayor that “the tickets for the trip that is already scheduled and executed in its logistics have not arrived.”

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