On Tuesday, the 39-year-old apologized 2024-02-20 20:13:23

The 39-year-old was brought before the Prosecutor earlier on Saturday morning where he asked for a deadline in order to apologize.

According to the Creta24 report, the couple lived in a 2nd floor apartment, on Patroklou Street, in Kaminia. the 39-year-old on Friday morning, under circumstances that have not been clarified, killed the young woman.

Crete: Meanwhile, the local community remains shocked by the new femicide in Kaminia of Heraklion.

The murder took place under unclear – until yesterday – circumstances, while the perpetrator – who was allegedly, according to information, was in a state of intoxication – shortly after his heinous act, he himself informed EKAB and the Police.

A few minutes later, the police officers who arrive at the apartment, located on Patroklou Street, next to the OFI stadium, see 29-year-old Nina lying on the floor in a pool of blood…
The perpetrator is arrested without resisting. Today he is expected to be taken to the Heraklion Courthouse and the competent prosecutor. In the meantime, the couple’s neighbors – despite reporting that friction and tensions between perpetrator and victim were frequent – appear shocked by the tragic event…
The femicide with the victim, 29-year-old Nina (Gianina) from Romania, and the perpetrator of a 39-year-old man of Albanian nationality, occurred around 7:30 a.m. last Friday.

According to information, the couple left at dawn from a night club, where they were together.

It is considered very likely that when they arrived at the apartment on Patroklou Street, another intense argument took place between them. Until yesterday, it had not been established what exactly preceded the cold execution of the 29-year-old Nina. The 39-year-old shot his partner in the head with a pistol, who died instantly.

EKAV and Police find the girl – who was a bar worker – in a pool of blood.

Inside the apartment, the police found the weapon of the crime. In the meantime, the 39-year-old, who was waiting for the police at the door of the house, is unable to explain how the tragedy happened.

According to information, he reportedly confesses that he shot Nina, however the reasons that pushed him to do so could not be clarified. The same information states that what the perpetrator was saying to the police for some time after the woman’s murder did not make sense due to the state of intoxication in which he was.

Meanwhile, it is remarkable that none of the neighbors heard the shot. However, the majority of the couple’s neighbors spoke of a “fussy” couple and a stormy relationship. There were not a few times when the couple’s arguments could be heard in the neighboring houses.

According to information, the perpetrator did not reveal the crime from the beginning. As neakriti.gr wrote yesterday, he initially called EKAV, reporting that he injured his partner. But it seems that a few seconds later he admitted to the operator of “166” that he had killed her. Immediately after, he informed the Police and a few minutes later he was arrested.

A little later, funeral home workers went to the area and collected the body of the unfortunate girl, who was taken to the morgue for a forensic examination.

However, testimonies of people who knew the unfortunate girl state that recently they had noticed a change in her behavior, which may have been due to her relationship with the 39-year-old.

“When you see a little girl I used to know, 30 years old, well-groomed… The last time I saw her, she was ill, so she wasn’t having a good time. He had no appetite,” a woman reportedly said yesterday.

According to information, the 39-year-old womanizer had allegedly engaged the authorities in the past for cases related to small amounts of drugs, but also for fights. However, it appears that no allegations of domestic violence had been made against him.

According to some testimonies, the deceased allegedly miscarried a few months ago. Besides, 29-year-old Nina has been living permanently in Heraklion for more than 10 years. However, periodically she returned for short periods of time to her homeland. As mentioned above, she was a night shop worker.

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