“The one who records does not help”; Domino’s employee falls on a motorcycle and goes viral

  • Domino’s is one of the best positioned fast food brands in the world.

  • Employee training is proclaimed as essential to have specialized employees in your area.

  • Despite its importance, few companies are committed to training their employees on a constant basis.

Users were responsible for viralizing a Domino’s Pizza employee who tries to move forward with a motorcycle, but it falls and ends up proving a particular point to contemplate in a company: training.

Fast food restaurants have become indispensable in the daily lives of millions of people around the world, who can quickly access a wide variety of specialized dishes from different brands, where they can receive them in a short period of time and even in comfort. from their homes through the efforts of some brands that have managed to retain the favoritism of the population.

According to the Kantar Millward Brown study of the 100 most valuable companies globally, among the fast food restaurant chains with the highest brand value in the world during 2021 it found itself leading McDonald’s with 154 thousand 921 million dollars, in second Starbucks with 60 thousand 267 million dollars, in third KFC with 18 thousand 189 million dollars, in fourth Subway with 14 thousand 762 million dollars and in fifth Domino’s Pizza with 12 thousand 397 million dollars, among other recognized brands in the industry.

By selling their respective star productsthese brands have managed to lead the market around the world, with a large work team that makes this possible, which must be sufficiently trained to provide optimal service to consumers.

A user on social networks has chosen to “expose” her friend, who seems to be trying to accommodate or embark on her journey in a Domino’s Pizza motorcycle; however, it seems that the employee does not have the necessary experience to handle the vehiclesince he lost his balance and later fell… with everything and the woman on top.

@its_niza7 A quiet day at the Domi #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Nice Cordova

This Domino’s Pizza employee who fell from the motorcycle was quickly viralized on TikTok, where more than 170,000 people reacted to the video and made comments of all kinds, including “Little Caesars altered the motorcycle so you couldn’t work”, ” Domino effect”, “there was my pizza”, “me on my first day as a pizza chef”, “And why doesn’t the one who records help?”“my first day at work”, among other thoughts about it that reacted comically to this fall, but showing that perhaps not everyone can perform in any area, unless they have the necessary knowledge to perform in it.

If a company can be characterized by its respective business address, brand employees represent the first interaction a consumer has with a company (speaking particularly of the “physical plane”), where they must perform professionally in specific areas to specialize in efficiently solving a need, a fact that is achieved through respective training; Despite this, for some companies it seems that this important point is not included in their management plans.

According to a survey carried out by OCCEducación, among Mexican employees, only one in ten receives constant training in their companytwo on a regular basis, four sporadically and three do not receive training or skills updating, demonstrating a strong weakness in the area of ​​human resources, a fact that could even cost large investments in work equipment.

Likewise, this type of training, in addition to ensuring its customers a good shopping experience, could be used so that even the employees themselves show part of the corporate brand identity, as demonstrated by that Sabritas supplier that even bets on starting conversations with its customers with some brand stickers on WhatsApp that they offered you in your training.

Employee training must be given constantly to offer qualified professionals and give the best experience to their respective clients.

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