Heavy drama! Girls can share tickets for free – take photos backstage with Mark Tuan, fans asking for suitability.

Fans asked for the right fit. In the case of family and friends giving a concert ticket to a fan for free and also brought him in and took pictures with the artist to the dressing room backstage Is it giving too much privilege to one fan?

hot in the online world For the story of a woman sharing a story on social media. who said that she received a ticket to the event “PULL-UP” MARK TUAN FAN MEETING IN THAILAND Fan meeting of Mark Tuan | band members GOT7 free form from the family of Mark Tuan | Me and Mark Tuan’s friends also took us personally to take photos with Mark Tuan backstage. In fact, this event is known to be quite scarce as tickets are sold out quickly. Although the round has been increased to 3 days (27-29 May), but still, there is still a way to watch online. and buy tickets to see the cinema You can watch live with the people in the hall as well.

She recounts an incident on Saturday, May 28, when the family and friends of artist member Mark Tuan. GOT7 Become a customer at her shop in Chatuchak. She greeted and pretended to be Ahgase (Mark Tuan and GOT7 fans). After some discussion, Mark Tuan’s father learned that she was not attending Mark’s fan meeting. because there is no entrance ticket So ask a friend of Mark. The people who were together at that time gave her an entrance ticket. Get her and her friend a VIP card in Mark’s family card quota. and immediately visit the event that evening and when the job is over Mark’s friend also invited her to meet and take a picture with Mark in the dressing room behind the stage as well

As for the VIP card, many fans see it as the right of Mark’s family and friends to give the card in the artist’s family quota to anyone. because it wasn’t in the trading card part from the beginning anyway

issues that fans Many criticize each other is the matter ofTaking the fans to the artists to the dressing room behind the stage The fans see it as giving too much privilege to one fan or not. when other fans Buy tickets to see the event. Met artists on stage with limited access, limited time, and doing everything right. In addition, the fan was one of the fans who met Mark’s family and friends only a few hours before the event. Meeting the artist in person also raised concerns about the artist’s privacy and safety. Fans questioned the work of Mark’s friends, the staff who directly looked after Mark as an artist.

However, Mark’s mother posted on Twitter explaining that about giving free cards She did not intend to hurt her boyfriend’s mind.songWhoever, she met this group of women and something happened between them. The part of the card that is given away is the card of the person who cannot come. Mark’s father then invited the women to come see the fan meeting together. They therefore have the status of “guests” of their parents.

Although the relationship between Mark’s family and friends with such fans There is not much detail about how close they are. But from this incident, fans have doubts about the suitability. and there is concern that if such a case recurs,sinkcan have an impact on future artist events in the future, so the hashtag #DNAApologizetoAhgase together on twitter

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