The one who wanders, the one who goes to Europe alone

Recently, the news that Hong Thanh broke up with DJ Mie made the audience bewildered, but neither of them made any move regarding the above rumor.

Recently, rumors that Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up after 2 years of working together have worried fans who love the couple. Netizens pointed out, the two no longer appear together as before. Most recently, DJ Mie’s business trip to Europe was also absent from Hong Thanh, although before that, the two often accompanied each other.

Before that, the two often accompanied each other on trips from work to travel.

On Hong Thanh’s side, the actor did not speak up, but only urged fans to report related articles to prevent rumors. Before that, Champion Laughing Trans-Vietnamese confused the online community when posting an intimate moment with another girl. However, this is just an entertainment product of the actor.

Hong Thanh’s ambiguous and ambiguous move about rumors of breaking up with his girlfriend.

Hong Thanh appeared with a girl, causing confusion when wearing a shirt with the same pattern.

The suspicion that the couple broke up spread throughout the groups in mid-February. The cause is said to be due to the difference in reputation. There are even rumors that the actor “lives” on his girlfriend. However, until now, the insider has not made any official action.

The love story of Hong Thanh and Mie makes many people admire.

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