The Palestinian faction movement depends on the agreement with Israel on the return of the displaced and withdrawal from Gaza

Gaza – On Thursday, the Palestinian faction movement conditional on reaching an agreement with Israel on the return of the displaced to their homes and the complete withdrawal of its army forces from the Gaza Strip.

This came on the lips of the movement’s spokesman, Abdul Latif al-Qanou, two days after the movement announced that it had received a proposal from the mediators regarding a prisoner exchange and a ceasefire at the conclusion of the last round of negotiations in Cairo, and that it would respond to it after completing its study.

Al-Qanou said, in a statement, that “the key to any agreement with Israel is based on a permanent ceasefire.”

He continued: “Our most prominent priorities in the ongoing negotiating process are the return of the displaced without restrictions and a complete withdrawal of forces from the Gaza Strip. Without that, the (agreement) will not be completed.”

He added that during Eid al-Fitr, Gaza “bleeds blood, bursts with pain, and suffers destruction, and it has been steadfast and steadfast for more than 6 months and will not break.”

He continued: “The scale of the crimes committed by the (Israeli) occupation in the Al-Shifa Complex and its surroundings is very disastrous, and searches are still continuing to recover hundreds of bodies.”

Al-Qanou added: “The massive scale of destruction and devastation in the Gaza Strip only expresses the occupation’s Nazism, fascism, and failure to achieve its goals.”

He added, “The continuation of the war of genocide and starvation and the prolongation of the war in Gaza will not give Israel the image of victory as it claims or achieve its goals as it dreams.”

He concluded by saying, “The criminal occupation did not care about all international laws and conventions or human values, which requires prosecuting its fascist entity and holding it accountable for its war of extermination.”

On Monday, an informed Palestinian source revealed to Anadolu that the new proposal for calm in the Gaza Strip includes three stages, including an exchange of prisoners and a conditional return of displaced Palestinians to the areas north of the Strip.

Commenting on the proposal, the leader of the faction movement, Mahmoud Mardawi, said that the movement “wants a clear agreement that does not involve us in a new battle, which includes a comprehensive ceasefire, a complete withdrawal of the occupation from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced without conditions, and reconstruction without restrictions, and for this process to be completed.” Smoothly, in addition to a prisoner exchange process.”

He continued, “The proposal submitted by the mediators clearly and explicitly ignores the ceasefire and does not acknowledge the necessity of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.”

The faction movement has repeatedly announced its commitment to ending the war, the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced to their areas, and the freedom to bring in humanitarian and relief aid, within a prisoner exchange agreement.

Eid al-Fitr fell this year while Israel was waging a devastating war on Gaza, leaving more than 100,000 dead and wounded, most of them children and women, and massive destruction and famine that claimed the lives of children and the elderly, according to Palestinian and UN data.

Israel continues the war despite the issuance of an immediate ceasefire resolution by the Security Council, as well as despite its first appearance before the International Court of Justice on charges of committing “genocide.”


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