“The Power of Vitamin D: Benefits, Importance, and Why You Need It – Insights from Dr. Pavlova”

2023-05-29 17:02:00

Dr. Pavlova explained the benefits of vitamin D for the people of Russia.

The benefits of vitamin D

The benefits of vitamin D were revealed by Dr. Pavlova. According to her, most of us sit indoors and chronically receive less.

Excessive hygiene is also harmful, if you often wash with soap and gels, active sebum is washed out – the basis for the synthesis of this vitamin:

“Meanwhile, researchers have shown that taking vitamin D3 is important year-round,” writes the endocrinologist. Zukhra Pavlova in your TG channel.

Find out why

Find out why if a person systematically receives the necessary doses of this vitamin, then the aging of the brain is slower, it is less susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases.

Vitamin D regulates the synthesis of anti-inflammatory substances and the division of lymphocytes, and also activates protective cells that help fight viruses and bacteria. Supplementation with this vitamin by pregnant women resulted in babies with higher IQs and higher immunity.

Why you need it

Why exactly do you need it? During the pandemic, a lot of research has emerged on the benefits of vitamin D3. But at the same time, some insane amounts, terms of administration and various routes of administration into the body were called.

– For some period of time, this prohormone acquired the status of a panacea, it seemed that it was overestimated. But, if you look at things soberly, then every Russian has a certain deficiency of vitamin D, this is proved by both studies and the analyzes of my patients, – said Dr. Zukhra Pavlova.

She pointed out that it is important to know and take the dose prescribed by the doctor in order to reduce D3 deficiency and regulate the processes that are associated with it.

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