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The pregnant weightlifter responds to her critics: Rest assured, I’m fine

by archyde

After the Egyptians were occupied during the past hours, with a video clip that spread like wildfire on social networking sites, while she was exercising while pregnant in the gym, the weightlifter broke her silence.

revealed Engineer Sherine Wagdy The 31-year-old told Al-Arabiya.net that these are exercises she has been doing daily for seven years.

She added that she did not stop exercising even after her marriage, and did not want to change her routine after her pregnancy.

Under medical supervision and professional care

She also continued that she completed her training since the beginning of pregnancy under medical supervision, and under the care of specialized trainers in the gym, explaining that she also consulted her own doctor and took his positions, and he encouraged her to do so.

She also pointed out that she entered her ninth month of pregnancy without experiencing health, physical or muscular problems, stressing that sports improve her mood, remove stress and anxiety, and give her enough flexibility to help her bear and face the demands of the home and pregnancy pain.

In addition, the Egyptian engineer confirmed that the exercises she performs inside the gym, such as lifting weights and other things, are not difficult for her, pointing out that she goes to exercise 5 times a week.

Invaluable advice

Wajdi responded to those who criticized her for what she does by saying that those who repeat this do not realize the importance of sports and its role in protecting against diseases, preserving all body parts and removing toxins from it, as well as maintaining fitness, stature and a decent look.

She confirmed that she monitors the condition of her fetus weekly and conducts tests to ensure its safety and the safety of all stages of its development inside the womb.

She called on the women to exercise regardless of the obstacles, stressing that it constitutes the cornerstone for maintaining a healthy body, good health and a psychological mood capable of facing and accepting the pressures of life.

It is reported that the pregnant woman was the talk of the people after she appeared playing sports in the gymnasium, and lifting heavy weights without caring about her pregnancy, which is in her last days.

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