The price of the ring of Saudi Arabia, Rajwa Al-Saif, in the engagement of the Crown Prince of Jordan, raises speculation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Pictures of the engagement of the Crown Prince of Jordan, Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, and of Saudi Arabia, Rajwa Al Saif, sparked a wide interaction among activists on social media during the past few days.

Activists have raised speculation about the price of the engagement ring that the Jordanian crown prince gave his fiancée.

Activists previously circulated a video clip from the ceremony, highlighting a clip showing the affection of Rajwa Al Saif during her engagement ceremony, in addition to a kiss from Prince Hussein to the head of his father, King Abdullah II.

Al-Fatihah was read at the home of Rajwa’s father, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The fiancée of the Jordanian Crown Prince was born in Riyadh on April 28, 1994. She is the younger sister of three children, Faisal, Nayef and Dana.

After completing her high school education in Saudi Arabia, Ragwa moved to the United States to study at the School of Architecture at Syracuse University in New York.

According to the Jordanian “Hala News” website, the origin of the Al-Saif family goes back to the Subai tribe, and they are the sheikhs of the town of Al-Attar in Sudair in the Najd region in central Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of the reign of King Abdulaziz Al Saud.

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