The Rainiest Cities in Europe: Ranking and Analysis by Holiday

2023-10-02 07:00:00

by Jessica Meurens

In Belgium, we often complain about the rain. However, there are many places in Europe where it rains much more than here. A ranking of the rainiest cities has even been made, and no Belgian city is lower than thirtieth place.

Belgium has the reputation of being a country where it rain all the time… When you live there, you sometimes have the impression that it is indeed true. However, according to the ranking of rainiest cities in Europethat wouldn’t really be the case.

This is the search engine Holiday who developed this ranking of the cities where it rains the most in Europe. To do this, the site analyzed the 300 most populated cities in the Old Continent, using information from World Weather Online, between 2009 and 2012. To establish its final ranking, the site combined the number of rainy days and the amount of precipitation per day.

The city where it rains the most in Europe

No, the city at the top of the ranking is not Belgian. This is… Bergen, Norway. This city in the southwest of the country has 12.7 rainy days per month and 8.8 mm daily.

Then, we find two British cities: Sunderland and Glasgow. There are also 12 cities in the United Kingdom in the top 30. They are followed by Brasov in Romania and Augsburg in Germany. On the other hand, and against all expectations, there is no Belgian city.

Among our French neighbors, it is not the city that we think is the rainiest. If we tend to believe that it is in Brittany, it is actually… Lyon, which ranks in ninth position.

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Bergen, Norway Sunderland, United Kingdom Glasgow, United Kingdom Brasov, Romania Augsburg, Germany Milan, Italy Belfast, United Kingdom Swansea, United Kingdom Lyon, France Vigo, Spain Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina Stockport, in the United Kingdom Munich, in Germany Cluj-Napoca, in Romania La Coruña, in Spain Manchester, in the United Kingdom Liverpool, in the United Kingdom Plymouth, in the United Kingdom Wigan, in the United Kingdom Derby , United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom Dortmund, Germany Tirana, Albania Oslo, Norway Tallinn, Estonia Dublin, Ireland Gothenburg, Sweden Venice, Italy Verona, Italy Wakefield, United Kingdom
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