Developing and Nurturing Young Talents: A Persistent Focus of Canadian Head Coach Martin St-Louis

2023-10-02 01:26:31

For a third consecutive year, the Canadian will focus on the development of his young talents.

Even if the previous two seasons were difficult in terms of victories and rankings, it is possible to see a good progression curve among the CH young people.

In interview at Everybody talks about itSunday, head coach Martin St-Louis revealed the mentality he wanted to implement once again this season.

“We have a young team with young players. It takes patience, but patience is just time, commented St-Louis, who was surrounded by four players on the set of the show.

“You have to be aggressive with this time, you can’t just wait. And I can tell you that we are aggressive.”

“The mentality we want, and the guys know it, is to sprinter without knowing the distance that must be covered. And one day, things will turn around. When? I don’t know, but you’re going to go from: how long it’s going to take, to how far we can go,” imagined the Habs pilot.

Since he became CH coach, St-Louis has led his team to 45 victories in 119 games.

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