The realtor believes that only her big fan will want to buy the castle of the Pugacheva family in Gryazi

Fans of the singer Alla Pugacheva continue to wonder: did the singer, along with her children Harry and Lisa, flew to Israel for permanent residence, or did they go there on vacation and return very soon.

In Russia, Alla Borisovna and her husband Maxim Galkin * left a chic castle in the village of Gryaz. If the family is going to stay abroad, they will probably want to sell the castle. But experts in the field of selling luxury real estate believe that this is an extremely difficult task.

“It’s no secret that the family’s castle was built in a very peculiar way, and if someone decides to buy it, it is solely out of love for the singer. Maybe under some kind of museum in her honor, ”said Irina Antipova, a personal real estate assistant, whose words are quoted by

According to the realtor, real estate prices have now fallen by about 30 percent and the couple will not be able to sell the castle for a decent price. In addition, the recognition of Galkin as a foreign agent will scare away many buyers.

Even more news about the stars in the Telegram channel “Star dust”.

Currently, the real estate market is almost up. People buy only the cheapest housing, and besides, in a mortgage, Irina said.

* Maxim Galkin is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

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