The reason Julio Iglesias just met his daughter-in-law

It was until the birth of Enrique Iglesias’ twins that Julio met Anna Kournikova, with whom his son has been in a relationship for more than a decade.

It is no secret that Enrique Iglesias has always had a difficult relationship with his father, so that the comparisons are hateful and nobody likes to be eclipsed, something that in this case could apply to both artists.

However, new memories from producer Ramón Arcusa – former component of the Dynamic Duo, as well as collaborator and close friend of Julio – now reveal how far the two artists collided after the beginning of Enrique’s musical career, that the legendary Spanish interpreter refused to support.

According to the information collected in the book ‘I am a rogue, I am a gentleman (or almost)’, the distance between the two was much longer than what was publicly disclosed.

In fact, years passed before they met again at a New Year’s dinner held at Julio’s house, which was also attended by his other son Julio José, and in which the expected meeting took place, which, however, took place cordial but cold manner.

In fact, according to the information that Arcusa offers, Julio Iglesias would have only met his daughter-in-law Anna Kournikova – her son’s partner for almost two decades – in person when she recently visited the couple’s home to also see their grandchildren.

Enrique and Anna welcomed their twins Nicholas and Lucy in 2017 and the youngest of the house, Mary, came into the world earlier this year.

For his part, Enrique revealed in a recent interview that he had resumed contact with his father in 2019. According to his version of events, he felt the sudden urge to call him one night while having a glass of vodka while watching a movie.

“He immediately picked up the phone. We had a very nice conversation. I was in good spirits. It was one of those conversations in which you are aware that it is special. It comforted me a lot, ”he confessed to ICON magazine.

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