The reason why Lee Seon-hee admired Kwak Do-won for “The Man with Two Faces”

Kwak Do-won met Lee Seon-hee. KBS2’s emotional journey ‘You have to stop at least once’

Actor Kwak Do-won met ‘national older sister’ Lee Seon-hee and showed off his anti-war charm.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, KBS2’s emotional journey, ‘You have to stop at least once’, tells the story of Lee Seon-hee, Lee Geum-hee, Yoon Do-hyun, and actress Kwak Do-won, who joined as surprise guests.

On this day, Yoon Do-hyun guided Lee Seon-hee and Lee Geum-hee to a place where they could fill their weary bodies and minds with emotion and healing. It was a glamping site equipped with everything from places to rest, to food, and to a fire pit for a fire pit.

Lee Seon-hee, who said glamping is on his bucket list, admired, “That’s why you’re doing glamping.”

Here, Yoon Do-hyun impressed the ‘two sisters’ with the meticulous preparation of pork belly, as well as ingredients for don mahawk and soybean paste stew.

In the meantime, Kwak Do-won appeared at the campsite with his characteristic hoarse laughter. Lee Seon-hee and Lee Geum-hee were surprised by the appearance of an actor they had only seen on the screen, and expressed their surprise once again, saying, “A man with two faces” at the anti-war charm like a soft tofu full of aegyo.

Kwak Do-won said, “It’s amazing to hear your voice in front of me.” He called Lee Seon-hee “sister” and carefully gave a word, raising questions about what his shy confession was.

Kwak Do-won, a resident of a ‘sweet’ neighborhood who said he had never been to Jeju Island, confessed that he came down to Jeju Island with the idea of ​​’Let’s do it for now’. Lee Seon-hee said, “It’s not easy,” and envied it.

In the meantime, if there is anything I want to do, I have been challenging myself, but as time goes by, I need courage. Do-won Kwak confessed, “Sometimes the saddest thing is getting older,” raising expectations for the main broadcast.

Yoo Soo-kyung reporter

Balance to see the world, Hankook Ilbo © Hankookilbo

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