“The recovery will be painful and we will still see complicated situations”

-We see daily closures, layoffs … Have we already hit the ground or do we have to suffer?

-I trust that we have hit the ground, but it all depends on the health situation. We cannot afford a second confinement, although the recovery will be painful and we will still see complicated situations. We will have to accompany companies.

-Adegi places recovery in 2021 and you in 2022 …

– (Smiles) Let what Adegi says come true! Hopefully! Sector by sector the situation is very different. Electricity, electronics or ICTs meet their expectations, while the machine tool is suffering and the ‘Oil & Gas’, I don’t want to tell you. Aeronautics is also regular. But the ‘Bio’, for example, is going great, and in that Gipuzkoa is very good …

-What will happen when the ERTEs become ERE or the Elkargis and ICOs have to be paid?

-If the situation has not improved in April, we may have to consider giving these credits one more year of grace. We are not going to drown the industry by not doing it.

-Do companies that close plants have to return public aid?

-Depends on what they were received for. Many of our programs already include conditionalities, either due to relocation or because the promised employment has not been generated. Now, if they were for R&D and the projects have been done, it is difficult to demand a refund.

-Do I foresee a ‘hot autumn’?

-We’re already seeing it. That the unions in Osakidetza plan a three-day strike with the situation that is being lived … It is not understandable.

-We see data on very bad Covid-19 infections in many parts of the Basque Country, but the Basque Government resists taking drastic measures. Why?

-The LABI has proposed new measures that will come into force when they are published in the BOPV after the ratification of the TSJPV. In the next few days we will assess surgical limitations on mobility and the prohibition of activities in localities with high incidence. We did not consider absolute confinement.

-Do you worry about Navarre?

-We are concerned about Navarra itself. We do not propose restricting mobility between the two communities. They have very high figures in very small municipalities, but they are taking measures and their pulse is not shaking.

-A PNV senator has announced that CAF, in which the Basque Government has a stake, has been left out of the great Renfe train competition …

-The company is working to see if the technical error that may have been made can be corrected. I trust you are eligible for those contracts. The Spanish State is interested, since it is in Beasain, and in Navarra and Aragon. What I know is that CAF will always work to keep the job here.

-There are many tired Basque companies and an infinite amount of money in the hands of funds. Are you scared?

-It happened in the previous crisis. Now what we see is approaches and possible movements, also in the family business. You have to be vigilant because there is also money in the Basque Country and a desire to invest.

-The Gipuzkoa Metal Agreement was signed this week. Are we in a new time of understanding?

-After so many years, this is excellent news. Especially because when Adegi started working on the New Company Culture he was accused of doing it to not sign agreements. This proves that collective bargaining can coexist with this culture of transparency.

-Are we witnessing a new culture also in ELA?

-Hopefully! Hopefully this is the first of many agreements that can be signed in the Basque Country.

-The port of Pasaia has a new president. What can we expect from this stage?

-Pasaia is a crucial infrastructure for Gipuzkoa; the strategic plan will remain in force and the new president assumes responsibility, knowing the industrial boost that the port deserves


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