The relevant proposals of the CNR for a better organization of the “Inclusive and Sovereign National Conference” –

The Coalition for the New Republic (CNR), a grouping of leaders and political parties led by Jean Ping, has, in a press release, suggested several relevant proposals for an efficient organization of the “Inclusive and Sovereign National Conference” or Inclusive National Dialogue planned for this year. to be held from April 2 to 30.

The CNR proposes in particular, the postponement of the Inclusive and Sovereign National Conference for the purposes of its satisfactory organization; the establishment of an independent organizing committee chaired by the Archbishop of Libreville. The members of the Bureau of this Committee must be proposed by the archbishop, after consultation with the active forces of the nation and the members of the bureaus and specialized Commissions would come from the stakeholders in the Inclusive and Sovereign National Conference.

For the CNR, the themes which should be the subject of the specialized Commissions would be: the revision of the Transition Charter, the new Constitution, the new electoral code, the values ​​of Gabonese society, the Truth-Justice-Reparation-Reconciliation Commission et the establishment, by the Conference, of a Committee to monitor the proceedings of the Conference.

“Persisting on the path taken by the Government to organize these meetings will lead to yet another smokescreen and a planned failure of the transition due to lack of efficiency,” estimated Professor Vincent Moulengui Boukossou, president of the CNR Directorate.

Recently, the Collective of wise men and dignitaries of Gabon, drew the attention of the President of the Transition, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, to the urgent need to postpone the date of organization of this future political high mass.

Camille Boussoughou

2024-03-21 14:39:04
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