the remake is coming in January

The exercise has become mainstream for a few years. From Sony who are working to give new luster to Last of Us or Uncharted up to Nintendo, which loves nothing more than reinventing its greatest sagas, Zelda at Mario , the art of the remake gained its letters of nobility as the video game, popularized in the 1980s, forged a past. Unstoppable logic: it is neither more nor less than giving new life to the most beautiful playful experiences by giving them, generation after generation, an air of modernity. Simple technological proofreading, then, in the name of a necessary fidelity? This is often the path taken by developers in charge of such projects. But some, like Capcom, have also gone so far as to completely reinvent ( Resident Evil II et III ) titles to which players were passionately attached. To the point that the term remake, in these cases, is almost no longer justified.

“The perception of horror has changed at the level of…

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