The Rental Dispute Center simplifies the completion of temporary and urgent procedures

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Simplifying and facilitating many temporary and urgent procedures that enhance the experience of customers, ensure their comfort and happiness, and preserve their rights; It is at the core of the work of the Rental Dispute Resolution Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department.

Through this, the center seeks to create a safe and healthy real estate environment, in line with the updated vision of Dubai Lands, which aims to enhance global leadership in real estate investment, and empower the real estate community through seamless proactive real estate services, legislation and integrated data. Among these temporary issues are:

First: Some people question the legal situation if a person rents a property and wants to carry out decoration or repair work in the eye, which requires permits from the official authorities, and the landlord refuses to provide these permits.

In this case, the tenant can then resort to the Rental Dispute Resolution Center, and file a lawsuit requesting that the landlord be obligated to provide these documents, provided that he proves that: These actions do not affect the construction structure of the property. And to submit the official documents indicating the request for such approvals by the official authorities.

With regard to the owner’s right to raise the rent after resorting to the rental increase calculator, he can do so legally only after resorting to the rental calculator, and knowing the value of the increase allowed according to the region, and this depends on the condition of the building, the services provided, the location of the property and the age of the building, and the tenant has the right to request a decrease The value is in the same way, provided that this request is notified at least 90 days before the expiry of the contract term. And about the fees for opening a case against the tenant, and when can the final judgments be appealed? The Rental Dispute Resolution Center reported that the fees for opening a case against the tenant are very simple, and are equivalent to 3.5% of the value of the lease or annual rent. With regard to the appeal of final judgments, it is possible to appeal if the value of the claims exceeds 100,000 dirhams, and it may be appealed within 15 days, or if the judgment has been issued for eviction, whatever the value of the contract.

The mechanism for retrieving the appeal insurance after the issuance of the judgment and the settlement of the matter outside the center is limited to sending an email to the concerned secretary to present the request to the competent judge, and after obtaining approval from him, the disbursement procedure is completed.

Some ask, is it permissible for the landlord to ask the tenant to vacate the place through a phone call? The Rental Dispute Resolution Center clarified that the landlord is not allowed to ask the tenant to vacate the place by phone call, but by a legal notice.

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