The Resemblance Between Hu Ke and Concubine Chunhui: A Close Look into the Portraits

2023-08-31 11:14:16

In “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, Hu Ke (right) played the role of the imperial concubine Chunhui. A little red book blogger found that he looked like the concubine Chunhui in the portrait. (Picture / Taken from Forbidden City, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Weibo)

In “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, Hu Ke played the role of Chunhui imperial concubine, which impressed all audiences. She gave birth to the third son of the emperor and sat on the throne of imperial concubine all the way. The prototype of Zhongxia Yuhe, her portrait is still passed down to the world. Recently, a female blogger of Xiaohongshu found that her charm resembles the portrait of Chunhui Huangguifei. It shocked many netizens.

A blogger in Xiaohongshu found out that she has the charm of a pure concubine. (Picture / Taken from Little Red Book, Forbidden City)

According to “Hong Kong 01” report, a Xiaohongshu blogger found that she looked like the portrait of the imperial concubine Chunhui. After partial comparison, she found that even the facial muscles and lines were quite similar. She also revealed that she saw it on the Internet a few years ago The portrait of “Emperor Chunhui” was sold for HK$137 million (approximately NT$556 million), breaking the world auction record for imperial portraits made in mainland China. When she saw the portrait, she found that she looked very much like herself, and even The situation of crooked nostrils is exactly the same, and netizens also think that “may be reincarnation”.

Concubine Chunhui and the blogger of Xiaohongshu look so similar, the blogger also checked the information of Concubine Chunhui and found that his mother and Chunhui are also from Suzhou, so it may be related by blood .

The imperial concubine Chunhui is a Han Chinese, and she is also the prototype of Xia Yuhe in “Returning the Pearl and Princess”. Her original surname was Su Jia after the flag was raised, and she was included in the Zhengbai Banner. Her life experience is considered a bit special by historians, because she is Born as a commoner, she was not a woman of the Han army banner. She married into the mansion when Qianlong was still a prince. When Qianlong became Prince Bao, she gave birth to the third son of the emperor, Yongzhang of Xunjun, the sixth son of the emperor, Prince Yongrong of Zhizhuang, and the fourth daughter of the emperor, Heshuo and Jia. Princess.

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And she was also one of the favorite concubines in the early Qianlong Dynasty. When Emperor Qianlong came to the throne, only two concubines were named concubines. She and another Huang family were named concubines. Received the pure character title, the other Huang family failed to enter the palace due to serious illness, and was named Yi concubine after his death. The Su family was also the third noble concubine of the Qianlong Dynasty, and was conferred the title of imperial concubine both during her lifetime and after her death.

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