Implementation of Death Penalty in Najran: Ministry of Interior Issues Statement – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-31 12:49:32

Al-Marsad Newspaper – SPA: Today, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement regarding the implementation of the death penalty for one of the perpetrators in the Najran region, as follows:

God Almighty said (O you who have believed, retaliation for the dead is prescribed for you) verse.

And the Almighty said (and you have life in retribution, O people of understanding, that you may fear).

Hassan bin Khalid bin Hussein Al-Khaiwani – a Saudi national – killed both / Ghada bint Misfer Al-Qahtani and her son / Badr bin Misfer bin Saeed Al Munis – Saudi nationals – by planning and monitoring the killing of / Badr due to previous disputes between them, and when he watched him Along with his mother, he shot them several times with a machine gun, which led to their death.

By the grace of God, the security authorities were able to arrest the aforementioned perpetrator, and the investigation with him resulted in charging him with committing his crime, and referring him to the competent court. And a royal order was issued to enforce what was decided by law, and was supported by its reference.

The death sentence was executed in retribution by the perpetrator / Hassan bin Khaled bin Hussein Al-Khaiwani – a Saudi national – on Thursday, 02/15/1445 AH, corresponding to 8/31/2023 CE, in the Najran region.

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