The results of a medicine against covid-19 were presented to the WHO

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The Nicolás Maduro regime presented this Monday to the World Health Organization (WHO) the results of the medicine it has developed and which, according to it, “cancels the coronavirusDelcy Rodríguez reported.

“We have formalized this study, this finding before the WHO to begin the corresponding international procedures, with a view to the certification and registration of this very important and transcendental finding,” Rodríguez said in a statement to the media.

Maduro announced on Sunday that scientists in Venezuela have “achieved a medicine that cancels 100% the coronavirus” and in which the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) has been studying for six months.

It is, according to Maduro, a molecule called DR-10 that “was totally isolated and later confronted with the covid-19 virus” in a study that lasted six months and resulted in “100% annihilation of the virus.”

In this sense, Rodríguez assured this Monday that the finding shows “the effective properties of this molecule on in vitro cells infected with covid-19.”

“In the company of the Minister of Health and the Chancellor, we have shared with the representative of PAHO and WHO the results of the IVIC study,” he said.

The objective is, as he stressed, to be able “to start the international procedures that correspond with a view to the certification and registration of this very important finding.”

During the meeting with the representative of the WHO and PAHO in Venezuela, Pier Paolo Balladelli, they also shared with him “other lines of research” about the “follow-up and development of this line of research that seeks the same results.”

Doubts about the medicine

Julio Castro, an infectious disease doctor, expressed his doubts on Monday about the drug against covid-19 that the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research would have developed.

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“Venezuelan scientists may be investigating, in particular at IVIC, which has a history of genetic research in Hepatitis B and C. But this sounds very strange,” Castro said during an interview with journalist César Miguel Rondón.

And he added: “That classification that they said, DR-10, is not a standard classification within international molecules. It seems a bit unreal to me that in six months we will have a drug that has proven effectiveness on patients. To our knowledge, there are no studies in patients to prove the effectiveness of this drug, “he said.

The Maduro regime confirmed this Monday 482 new cases of covid-19, with which there are already 90,047 people infected with the coronavirus, the official official reported. The total death toll rose to 777.

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