The Revelations: Inside Mitt Romney’s Candid Memoir on Washington, Trump, and Republican Politics

2023-09-18 09:01:43

The result is the kind of book from the bowels of Washington that holds nothing back and that people have been wanting to read for years. The book will go on sale next month. On Wednesday, shortly after Romney’s announcement, The Atlantic published an excerpt.

Below are six conclusions.

Romney, 76, has few friends in Washington and did not follow President Harry S. Truman’s adage to get a dog. That, along with the absence of his wife, Ann, has left him lonely in a brick house near the Capitol, where he spends most nights on a reclining leather couch, dining alone while watching television shows. as Ted Lasso y Better Call Saul.

Dinner is usually a salmon filet, courtesy of Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who gave him a freezer full of her home state’s specialty fish. Romney, who likes meatloaf dipped in ketchup and brown sugar, doesn’t even like salmon, but she said she spreads it with ketchup, puts it on a hamburger bun and makes do.

Publicly, Romney has long been isolated in a party where Trumpism reigns. Privately, he reveals, many of his colleagues, including Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, the longtime Republican leader, actually agree with him about his low expectations of Trump.

“Almost without exception,” Romney revealed to Coppins, “they shared my position on the president.”

Romney kept track of how many of his colleagues came over to privately sympathize with him whenever he criticized Trump, often telling him they envied his ability to express his opinions. At one point, as he told his staff, the list exceeded ten.

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