The RFEF denounces to the Civil Guard the extraction of audiovisual material from the VAR system in Real Madrid – Almería | Soccer | Sports

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) confirmed this Tuesday that it has filed a complaint with the Civil Guard after the publications of some audios from the VAR system, of a totally professional and private scope, corresponding to the match on the last day of the Real Madrid League. -Almería (3-2). The organization, which in turn maintains an internal investigation open after the aforementioned event, considers that “it is extremely serious that this audiovisual material has been extracted and hopes that an answer will be found as soon as possible to clarify responsibilities.” In a statement it also announced that the necessary measures will be adopted to guarantee the security of all communications.

The Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) of the RFEF opened an internal investigation this Monday after the audios of a play from the aforementioned match were made public, without review on the monitor and without being among those selected to be published among the conversations held. by the main referee, Francisco Hernández Maeso, and the VAR, Alejandro Hernández Hernández. The Twitch channel Jijantes broadcast an audio in which both referees comment on the moments following an action between Vinicius and Pozo, in which Almería requested the expulsion of the Brazilian footballer for attacking his player. “For me nothing, there is a struggle between the two, he complains about his face,” says Hernández Maeso, after which Hernández Hernández points out: “Yes, when he goes to take it off with his arm, when he swings it, it hits him, he is going to knock it off.” move out of the way and hits him in the face. OK?. “Let’s go live,” he adds, to conclude that the play does not need a review to see if Vinicius deserved the expulsion or not.

The same channel made public this Tuesday a new audio of the match due to a possible attack on Dani Ceballos, when Chumi stops in front of the Real Madrid player. “I haven’t seen anything, he has already gotten up,” says Hernández Maeso, while Hernández Hernández affirms “continue, continue, continue… The 21st stops in front of Ceballos to prevent him from advancing, there is no elbow, there is no arm, no there is nothing”. “He’s all checked then,” adds the main referee.

The Real Madrid-Almería referee, Francisco Hernández Maeso, went to the VAR monitor three times at the request of the VOR room to referee three controversial actions that the Almería players and coaches protested. After the reviews, Hernández Maeso pointed out a penalty from Almería by the hand of the Brazilian Kaiky, which marked the first goal for Real Madrid (1-2), annulled a goal by Sergio Arribas due to a previous foul by the Senegalese Dion Lopy and validated a goal by the Brazilian Vinícius Junior in which he had signaled a hand live, which was a 2-2 tie. These decisions caused indignation in Almería, who led 0-2 until the maximum penalty was signaled against them (m.57) and conceded the third goal in the 99th minute.

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