The Saudi national team writes history with a legendary victory over Argentina’s Messi

The Saudi national team overturned its delay in the first half with a goal signed by the legendary star Lionel Messi from a penalty kick of 10, to a victory with two goals from Saleh Al-Shehri 48, and Salem Al-Dosari 53.

Meeting numbers:

– For the first time, Argentina lost a World Cup match after scoring the opening goal since 1958 against Germany, and for the second time in its World Cup history, Argentina failed to win after finishing the first half ahead since the 1930 final against Uruguay.

The Saudi national team is the first non-European team to beat Argentina in the World Cup since Cameroon 1990, as Argentina then won 13 matches before today’s match. It is the first Asian team to beat Argentina in the history of the tournament.

– The last 3 teams that beat Argentina in the World Cup completed their journey until they were crowned champions (2014 Germany, 2018 France), or reached the final (2018 Croatia).

Argentina suffered a loss for the first time since July 2019 when they lost to Brazil 0-2, after a series that lasted for 36 matches.

– Salem Al-Dosari became the third Saudi player to score more than one goal in the World Cup (two goals), alongside Sami Al-Jaber (3) and Fouad Anwar (2). He scored his two goals in two different editions (2018 and 2022), and only Al-Jaber scored in different tournaments more than him (1994, 1998 and 2006).

Direct transfer (second half):

– 90 + 14 whistles that will be immortalized in the history of the Saudi national team announcing an epic victory in every sense of the word.
– 90 + 10 Al Owais, one of the heroes of the match, saves Argentina’s last chance.

– 90 + 5, a very strong collision between the Saudi goalkeeper Al Owais and his player Al Shahrani, which required the entry of the medical staff directly.
D- 84 Al-Owais again, at the right time and place, grabs Messi’s header.
– D 80 free directly from a distance preferred by Messi, but Al-Barghout sends it far from Al-Akhdar’s goal.
Argentine attempts lack focus and Al Owais is honest on his goal.
D 63 An imaginary save by the Saudi national team goalkeeper, Muhammad Al Owais.
– D60, a quarter of an hour, the Argentine national team did not make any sentence or attack, the Saudi national team is completely in control of the stadium.

No.: Saudi Arabia scored in two consecutive World Cup matches for the first time since the 1994 World Cup.

D- 53 A second goal for history, scored by the Saudi national team with a powerful shot by its captain, Salem Al-Dosari. The Saudi team excels and presents the start of a fiery half.

– A goal for Saudi Arabia, Dr. 48, Saleh Al-Shehri, adjusts the score in favor of the Saudi team, with a strong left shot, the first among the three woods for Al-Akhdar.

The starting whistle of the second session.

Direct transfer (first half):

D 45 + 5, the end of the first half, with Argentina leading 1-0.

The Saudi national team is forced to make an emergency change, with the exit of its captain, Salman Al-Faraj, and the entry of Nawaf Al-Abed.

No.: Messi scores in four World Cups 2006-2014-2018 and the World Cup 2022.

– D 35 new times, Martinez scores and cancels for offside.

D 28 A second goal for Argentina, signed by Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez, who received a silk assist from Gomez, but the referee canceled it for offside after listening to the mouse room.

D 22 – Messi scores a goal that is canceled directly due to offside. It is clear that the Al-Akhdar defense depended on catching the Argentines with the offside trap (4 times in the first 25 minutes).
– D 20 A high shot by Gomez on the Saudi goal.
A quarter of an hour after the meeting, the Saudi national team, although it conceded an early goal, liberated somewhat and entered the Argentine penalty area on more than one occasion.

– The goal of D10, the referee returns to the video technology to award a penalty kick in favor of the Argentine national team, which Messi converts to the first goal of Tango.

– D02 Messi threatens the Saudi goal early with a shot inside the penalty area, which is pushed away by goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais.
D-01 Slovenian referee Slavko Vincic blows the whistle at the start of the match.

Saudi Arabia and Argentina squad:

Pre-meeting numbers:

Argentina qualified for the World Cup for the eighteenth time, and participation in the World Cup is the thirteenth in a row, and it is the third longest series of participation after Brazil (22) and Germany (18). Since 1978, Germany (5) reached the final of the tournament, which is more than Argentina (4).

Saudi Arabia won only three of the 16 matches they played in the World Cup (draw 2, lost 11), and they also kept clean sheets in only one of those 16 matches, beating Belgium 1-0 in the 1994 World Cup.

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