“The Science of Fasting: Benefits for Cognitive Health and Beyond”

2023-04-27 15:54:26

Fasting, contrary to what one might believe, is something that has been practiced since ancient times, mainly for religious reasons.

It was observed that this deprivation of food favored a greater spiritual connection. But now we begin to know better why.

Several studies have shown that reducing food intake for a certain time produces a series of biochemical effects in the brain, favoring cognitive processes such as concentration and introspection.

Cellular regeneration or improvement of inflammatory processes are other effects observed in this practice. Intermittent fasting is also an option that many people practice.

But you have to know how to fast and make sure that you are in a position to do so, preferably with the help of a nutritionist or dietitian.

Our interview with Rubén Bravo, dietitian at the European Medical Institute for Obesity (IMEO) on this topic:

FASTING FAVORS INTROSPECTION, interview with dietitian Rubén Bravo

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