The Secret Meetings: Gerard Piqué, Clara Chía Martí, and the Controversy with Shakira’s Children

2023-11-29 07:13:00

The courtship between Gerard Piqué y Clara Chía Martí continues being in the media spotlight and not precisely because of the romance they are experiencing after the businessman’s separation from Shakirabut the Catalan broke one of the supposed rules of the breakup agreement with the Colombian and, now there is talk of a secret meeting between the 24-year-old girl and the children one of the famous ones he would have made infuriate to the “Anthology” singer.

After Shakira announced his separation with Gerard Piquéit was shown that both celebrities could no longer be seen even in painting despite the fact that they have two children in common, a situation that caused quite a media circus, since weeks after the statement, the Catalan boasted to Clara Chía Martí as his new girlfriend, a situation that was not to the liking of the Colombian, who allegedly forbade the owner of Kosmos that Sasha and Milan could not meet her.

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Gerard Piqué betrays Shakira in separation agreement and reunites his children with Clara Chía Martí

It took several months of discussions between the defenses of both parties to reach an agreement regarding the custody of Sasha and Milan. However, there is an alleged clause that continues to attract attention, which speaks of an alleged prohibition by Shakira toward Clara Chía Martí in which he asks that they not approach his children for any reason, a situation that Gerard Piqué accepted in order to see the little ones, but international sources have just pointed out that the Catalan broke this rule since the Spanish woman already had meetings secret with the children, doing infuriate to the Barranquilla.

Although the lawyer of Gerard Piqué has denied that such a clause exists, much has been said that Shakira has done the impossible so that his children do not come close to Clara Chía Martí, Because he considers her a bad woman who was responsible for destroying a family. However, several Spanish media have stressed that the owner of Kosmos has gotten his way, because during the visits that Sasha and Milan have in Barcelona, ​​he has taken advantage of the situation to gather them by way of secret and do infuriate to the Barranquilla.

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It is worth mentioning that although it is presumed that Clara Chía Martí has already had secret meetings with the children of Shakira, Gerard Piqué He has been very cautious in that regard because he does not want to harm the mental health of Sasha and Milan, who have shown themselves to be on their mother’s side, since recently they even collaborated on a song by the singer.

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