The Secret of God: Artist Rogina’s Success Story in Ramadan Series

2024-04-16 11:00:00

Wydad Khamis Tuesday, April 16, 2024 01:00 PM

achieved Artist Rogina She achieved great success during the first half of Ramadan, by starring in the series “The Secret of God,” which consists of 15 episodes. Rogina revealed to “Youm7” the scenes of the work, saying that the series appears like an ordinary story, but in fact its story is very touching.

Regarding the most difficult scenes in the work, she indicated that the most difficult for her were the grave scene and the prison scene, explaining: The cemetery scene was very difficult, as I never like visiting cemeteries, and I thought that the scene would take place in the Decor Cemetery, but I was surprised that it was real, and I went down to the cemetery and we were in The night, in reality, was difficult and cruel. As for the prison scene on the day of filming, my general mood was very bad, and I felt my heart contracting, but I was surprised by the very clean quality of the prison and the female prisoners doing the work inside the prison, and I found something very classy, ​​so I offer all thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Interior.

The Secret of God series, starring the star Rogina, Ahmed Magdy, Rana Rais, Mai Selim, Mohamed Tharwat, Noha Abdeen, Mahmoud El Hadini, Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Badir, Mimi Gamal, Ahmed Salama, Mohsen Mansour, Mai Selim, Rasha Mahdi, and Murad Makram. , Mahmoud Hegazy, Maryam Ashraf Zaki, and Youssef Al-Asadi.

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