the shocking show of pregnant Rihanna at halftime of the grand finale between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles

The popular singer, in a fiery red dress and a burgeoning baby bump, wowed the world with her show in Glendale, Arizona.

With a furious red, an early pregnancy and with the best of her repertoire, the popular American singer Rihanna drove the fans crazy during the halftime show of the Super Bowl LVIIwhich was played in Glendale, Arizona, and was won by the Kansas City Chiefs in a dramatic game against the Philadelphia Eagles after a heroic performance by Pat Mahomes.

The show was Rihanna’s first live event in seven years and came at a time when her fans are eager for her to release new music. However, the presentation had another seasoning. It was her “tummy” that caught everyone’s attention and sparked controversy on social networks. Everything suggested that she was pregnant. But no one dared to confirm it until the singer’s representative gave the big scoop.

Rihanna and her show at State Farm Stadium. Photo: Reuters

It will be his second heir. Is that Rihanna, 34, already has a 9-month-old son with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The singer was wearing a puffy bright red full bodysuit with an underlayer of tight-fitting stretch clothing as she appeared standing on the rectangular platform that moved up and down in the air as she performed. Bitch Better Have My Money on the playing field.

Rihanna shone in Arizona.  Photo: AP

Rihanna shone in Arizona. Photo: AP

Dancers in white ski-like costumes and large sunglasses moved in sync on their own suspended platforms.

Rihanna and the dancers descended on a long stage, red like the singer’s costume, to continue their synchronized choreography as she performed Where Have You Been y Only Girl.

During the presentation there were also no costume or stage changes, which have become constant in the Super Bowl halftimes. The colors and theme of the performance remained the same throughout the 13-minute set, including red lights projecting onto the stage and at times golden fireworks exploding in the air above the stadium.

The long set allowed for wide shots and shots of Rihanna looking into the camera, as well as over the shoulder shots of the singer and dancers.

At some point, the star put makeup on her face and looked at herself in a mirror before taking the microphone again.

Lights were shining from the stands as Rihanna climbed back onto the platform to sing her hit on air. Diamonds at the end of the presentation.

Rihanna’s show was her first live performance in seven years and her first since she became a mother for the first time nine months ago.

Stapleton’s Anthem

Country star Chris Stapleton simply performed the US national anthem at Super Bowl LVII, standing alone on the field, accompanied only by his electric guitar, as he sang The Star Spangled Banner moments before the Kansas City Chiefs kicked off.

Dressed in a black jacket and wearing sunglasses, with his hair neatly styled instead of his famous cowboy hat, Stapleton performed the anthem as a ballad, rocking it a little closer to rock only towards the last few verses including “land of the free” (the land of the free).

Chris Stapleton and his ballad anthem for the Super Bowl.  Photo: EFE

Chris Stapleton and his ballad anthem for the Super Bowl. Photo: EFE

His version of the anthem felt slow, but it lasted 2 minutes and 2 seconds., less than the 2 minutes and 5 seconds that punters had predicted. Even so, it lasted more than 10 seconds longer than last year’s version, performed by country star Mickey Guyton.

As the eight-time Grammy award-winning musician sang, “CODA” (“CODA: Signs of the Heart”) star Troy Kotsur, the first deaf man to win an Oscar in the acting categories, performed the anthem in sign language. .

More music in Arizona

El show de Sheryl Lee Ralph. Foto: Reuters

El show de Sheryl Lee Ralph. Foto: Reuters

Before Stapleton’s performance, the star of the comedy series Abbot Elementary Sheryl Lee Ralph corner Lift Every Voice and Sing.

Dressed in a flowing red velvet gown, Ralph began the song known as the Black American Anthem as an introspective ballad, then turned it into a powerful anthem, complete with military-style drums accompanying it and a white-clad choir backing it on the field at State Farm. Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

R&B legend Babyface interpreted America the Beautiful like a beautiful folk song, with an acoustic guitar painted with the American flag and blue flowers in the field. A track of drums and other singers started playing before it was over.

Babyface interpreta

Babyface interpreta “America the Beautiful” antes del Super Bowl 57. Foto: AP

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