“It’s the last time you mention my ex”, Romina’s warning to Alfa

The former deputy was satisfied with her decision to save Ariel, together with Marcos, leaving the plaque made up of Daniela, La Tora and Agustín, who finally left reality. “Tora, what did I tell you? Agustín when the plate was left with you (Tora and Daniela), it got bad. So, I told you it’s bad … Read more

Marcos and Romina saved Ariel and there were 3 players left in the final plate

the couple of Alexis y Cotiex-participants of the reality show, had a crossover on the air as a result of a question they were asked on the program A la Barbarossa (Telefe, at 9.30). In the middle of a debate, Robertito Funes Ugarte asked the Rabbit about the salvation that Romina and Marcos will have … Read more

After the nominations gala, there were four participants on the plaque

After being consulted by Big Brother about his intentions with Camila, Alfa spoke with the 21-year-old. “I told them that I loved you very much, that I loved you very much”said Alfa, who received Camila’s hug. Then, the 61-year-old participant added: “They tell me: ‘but don’t you see that it’s a girl?’ But affection, love … Read more

Thiago’s word after his elimination

A blooper starring Walter Santiago could bring him a problem. It turns out that the 60-year-old participant fell into the water with the microphone on (which is not allowed) and could receive a penalty. Or at least that’s what they speculated inside the house. “Alfa fell with a microphone and everything inside the pool”said Ariel, … Read more

Apple’s big surprise is now available… Finally! | Lifestyle

TV and music apps Apple for Windows they have finally arrived. With pre-release versions found on devices with Windows 11 on the Microsoft Store. These apps have finally arrived at the Microsoft Store, three months after Microsoft first announced its appearance. The applications Apple Music y Apple TV for Windows, as well as a third … Read more

all about a special Elimination Gala, minute by minute

Like this Monday, January 9, El Trece premieres a large part of its 2023 programming and its main course, The hotel of the famous 2, Big Brotherthe reality of Telefe, decided to change the strategy and passed his elimination gala -which is usually on Sundays- for this Monday and compete as strongly as possible with … Read more