The Stellar Success of Shah Rukh Khan’s Latest Films: Jawan and Pathaan Break Bollywood Records

2023-10-02 06:39:07


Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback made quite a big impact post-pandemic in Bollywood. This legendary actor re-established the throne he had vacated over the past few years, not just through one film but two projects at once.

Starting with Pathaan which made amazing achievements both domestically and globally, now this figure has been surpassed by the latest film, namely Jawan, which earned 135 million USD or around Rp. 2.08 trillion from screenings worldwide during its 23 days of broadcast.

Of course, this achievement also made Shah Rukh Khan happy, especially as the film broke Bollywood’s record as the fastest film to achieve such high revenues. Not only that, Pathaan’s title as the second highest-grossing film in Bollywood was overtaken by Jawan and it also became the highest-grossing Indian film in the country.

This also seems to show that Shah Rukh Khan’s charm as an actor has not disappeared. For the Indian people in particular, the name SRK is still a strong magnet and is one of the reasons for the very high domestic revenue of 43 million USD and beating the achievement of the Oscar-winning film, RRR.

Jawan also ran smoother than Pathaan, where they immediately set records in first day screenings, then first week and first weekend for Bollywood films. This film is also predicted to beat the achievements made by Aamir Khan through Dangal in 2016.

However, unfortunately, Dangal’s big income was actually obtained from screenings in China where they earned up to 200 million USD or IDR 3.08 trillion (out of a total income of 305 million USD). Meanwhile, neither Pathaan nor Jawan were screened at all in the Bamboo Curtain country.

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This achievement will certainly increase Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth and establish himself as the richest actor. Moreover, previously the Indian media was busy reporting that he was said to have succeeded in becoming the fourth person on the list of the richest actors in the world and beating Tom Cruise who was in fifth place.

They said that Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth increased after deciding to return to the big screen after a four-year hiatus. The list states that Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth is estimated at USD 770 million or IDR 11.6 trillion. Meanwhile, at the top are Jerry Seinfeld and Tyler Perry who have assets of USD 1 billion or IDR 15.1 trillion.

In third place is Black Adam star, Dwayne Johnson, with assets of USD 800 million or IDR 12.1 trillion. And in fifth position, Top Gun: Maverick star, Tom Cruise, with assets of USD 630 million or IDR 9.5 trillion.

This data comes from a tweet from the World of Statistics account. However, it is not known how they calculated these results.

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