“The Story of a Wealthy Sheikh and His Troubles with Aweer: A Tale of Tolerance and Fishing in Russia”

2023-05-16 00:24:17

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The YouTube content creator, Abu Rakan Al-Sharif, narrated the story of a wealthy sheikh, “Amir,” who was exposed to serious problems and damage because of a man who works for him called Aweer.

Wealthy sheikh and fishing hobby in Russia

Abu Rakan said in a video clip: There was a wealthy sheikh from one of the Gulf countries, “Amir,” known for his religion, tolerance, and clean heart. He worked all year round in trade, and in the summer he practiced his hobby of “fishing and hunting,” in one of the cold deserts of Russia, with its plains and mountains.

He continued: This region is rich in birds, deer, and rabbits, and the people of the region loved this sheikh because he was generous with them, so they used to prepare everything for him before he arrived at the camp.

A white lime bird is a gift for the sheikh

And he continued: One day, a white lime bird came, “and it is a falcon that is known to be rare and lives only in cold regions and does not appear except in a special way, and its price is more than 700 thousand riyals.” The sheikh was happy when he saw this bird, and he wanted a falconer to train it, so one of his brothers brought his relative’s falconer It’s called “Awir”.

And he went on: And Aweer came and the Sheikh told him that he would hand him over the bird and he would come with him by plane to train it, then they went to the camp in Russia to hunt.

And he added: After they went to the camp and the night came, the Sheikh asked “Aweer” to take the falcon with him to sleep in his tent, and when Aweer went to sleep accompanied by the birds, the weather was very cold, so he feared for the bird from this extreme cold, so he went to the kitchen and brought a pot Big and put it on the bird to protect it from the cold, then fell asleep.

The death of the falcon due to howling

He explained: In the morning the sheikh asked about the bird, and “Aweer” told him that it was in good condition, and when he went to the tent to fetch it, he found it “died” from suffocation at the bottom of the pot, so he could not go to the prince, and told his cousin who was accompanying the prince, and he was the one who told him, and when the sheikh learned He grieved for the bird, but he only said, “God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs… the best is the best.”

Aweer and cut off electricity to the camp

And he continued: The sheikh went out to hunt, and in the evening the people of the region came to spend the night with the sheikh, so the sheikh asked that they bring Aweer to sit with them and not grieve over the death of the bird, and when Aweer came, he apologized to the sheikh, and sat with them, and when he left the tent to go to the kitchen, and during his walk he caused In disconnecting the electricity wires, the electricity was cut off from the entire camp, and when the sheikh learned that the reason for cutting off the electricity was Aweer, he said with a laugh, “Aweer brought the feast to us today.”

And he went on: In the morning, the Sheikh asked Aweer to come with them to the hunt, and he rode with him in his car, and asked him to get off and run in front of the car so that they would chase him like a rabbit, because he is fast, and Aweer said to him, “I am afraid you will slaughter me!” The sheikh told him, “I will not slaughter you, but to be pleased with you, because you are upsetting me.”

Sheikh was injured due to Aweer

And he went on: During Aweer’s departure, he got off at his house, and the driver got off behind him. The car overturned and the Sheikh, the driver and those accompanying him suffered fractures, and he was taken to the hospital, and when the Sheikh woke up in the hospital, he said, “My eyes will no longer see Aweer or his cousin.”

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