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Al-Marsad newspaper: A content creator and owner of the “Story with Faleh” channel, narrated on YouTube the story of a woman who refused to cook for her husband’s guests and went to her family’s house, and when she returned to the marital home, she was surprised by what she did not expect.

beautiful wife

The content creator began his story, saying: Ahmed joined a job with an average salary, and married a beautiful girl named Aisha, and after several months, the wife began to be affected by his financial conditions.

He continued: Ahmed and his co-workers agreed to gather and eat lunch with any of them on a regular basis, and after Ahmed’s turn came, he asked his wife to prepare lunch in order to host his colleagues, but she refused, justifying it due to poor financial conditions.

And he added: Ahmed called his wife’s mother and told her what happened, and she told him that she would prepare the food and he could go to her house located near his house and take it, pointing out that during that his wife collected her clothes and went to her family’s house.

He added: The next day, Ahmed brought food from his wife’s mother’s house and hosted his colleagues, while one of them, a close friend of his, felt that he was not feeling well.

Badr’s surprise for Ahmed

And the content maker added: Badr asked Ahmed about the reason for his distress, so he told him what happened and then left Badr, adding, later Badr spoke with Ahmed over the phone and told him that he wanted to go with him to someone, and when they arrived, Ahmed was surprised that Badr asked the owner of the house for his daughter’s hand in marriage. from him.

He pointed out that Ahmed was surprised because he did not know about the matter and did not have money to marry, so his friend told him that he had paid the dowry and ended everything.

new wife

He explained that the legal vision was completed and the marriage contract took place on the same day, and he took it and went to his house.

He continued, Ahmed told his new wife that he would not divorce his wife Aisha if she agreed to marry him and live with them in the same house, and his new wife told him her consent.

He pointed out that after several days, his wife, Aisha, returned home and was surprised by the new wife, and quarrels occurred between her and her husband, and she returned to her family’s home.

He concluded, after a while, Aisha agreed to return to her husband as well as live with his new wife in the same house, and the two wives had a good relationship.

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