The story of the belly dance star… and the night she fell into the biggest issue of morals completely destroyed her artistic future… and her daughter is a famous actress.! (Shocking details)

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No one can forget the role of Safiya in the movie Teenagers, which co-starred with actress Zizi Mustafa, with actress Magda,

Despite this, she was not lucky to be one of the first-class stars in cinema, despite her strong start in the art world, especially acting at her young age.

Zizi Mustafa is one of the most famous Egyptian dancers who broke into the world of acting and emerged in it, and she is the mother of the young artist, Menna Shalaby.

Zizi Mustafa entered art at a young age, and was characterized by tenderness and feminine nature, and even added to all her films in which she participated, a special spirit of those who have a more dramatic sense of drama in her roles and works.

The Authority’s website lists information that you may not know about the late artist Zizi Mustafa:
Zizi Mustafa married for the first time to a naval engineer, at an early age, and bore him a son and a daughter, but soon separated from him due to many disputes.

The second marriage was from the artist, Mohamed Khairy, after a love story, and he starred in the movie “Age is a Moment” in front of the artist Magda, but her preoccupation with art made the separation inevitable.

As for the third marriage, it belonged to the artist Yousry Mustafa, but the marriage did not last long,

Soon they ended up separating, and they kept the friendship between them; Then he married a woman from outside the artistic community, until the separation occurred between them.

Zizi Mustafa faced many crises in her private life away from the field of art, as her life was not without problems and crises.

file in literature
An etiquette issue known as the white slave.. It occupied public opinion and was covered by the national newspapers at the time.. Many female artists were charged, and on the day of the trial, the artists got their release.

The main accused in it was the artist Mimi Shakib and other artists, including Amal Ramzy, Samia Shukri, Mimi Jamal and Nahid Yousry, on charges of managing an adab network, while the court released them on the claim that they were not caught red-handed.

The case was then closed.. Zizi was among the defendants in the literature case, where she was accused of practicing for a sum of 50 pounds, but she denied in the investigations, and she was among the artists who attended the concerts of the artist Mimi Shakib constantly inside her apartment in Qasr El Nil.

Menna Shalaby’s suffering because of her mother
The artist, Menna Shalaby, suffered in childhood from her mother’s work as an oriental dancer, as some of her schoolmates deliberately ridiculed her, and about this stage her mother, Zizi Mustafa, spoke in

A previous interview on Dream Channel, saying: “Mena’s tears forced me to retire, one day she came back from school crying, and when I asked her about the reason, she told me that her colleague said to her, “Oh, girl of the dancer.”

Regarding this situation, Zizi Mustafa said: “I took her in my arms and asked her: “If I quit dancing, you would be happy.” She replied of course, and after this talk I decided to quit because my daughter is the most precious thing in my life.

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