The struggle of the army commander – Basil … wholesale resignations from the “Free Patriotic Movement”

A number of members of the “Free Patriotic Movement” in the town of Al-Aishiyeh, Jezzine District, submitted their final resignations from the movement.

Partisans, who number 17, distributed letters of resignation to the media. They are addressed to the coordinator of the Jezzine district in the movement, Antoine Farhat, in which they affirmed that “there is no longer any reason for them to remain within the structure of the movement,” and they requested that their names be expunged from all records as soon as the books were notified.

According to the information, the two aforementioned parties are supporters of Representative Ziad Aswad, and they previously threatened to resign after the problem between Aswad and the leadership of the movement, after which they backed down, but the direct attack by the head of the movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, against the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, brought things back to square one. Especially since General Aoun is popular in his town, so the protesters moved again and submitted their resignations, especially since they became embarrassed in front of the people of their village.

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